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The Sneak Peek of Island of Memories Is Out!

A Cinnamon
By Cinnamon Cookie

Around 2 P.M. (GMT), the Cookie Run social media released a teaser video revealing what the much-anticipated Island of Memories would look like.

The video starts off with Hero Cookie standing in front of us as usual, albeit with a different outfit than the usual white-red shirt. He also appears to have a different robot suit, with more armor and dullness applied to it. As we go through his memory, he reveals countless books and posters, probably revealing his many attempts to make a hero suit as well as inspirations that shaped his personality.

The video later takes us to dystopian society conquered by giant, evil UFOs, and we meet an evil-looking robot that kidnapped Jellyco Cube. Clich├ęd statement follows: “Jellyco! I’ll save you!” Then we enter a mini-game-like scenario in which we have to defeat the robot and rescue Jellyco Cube.

Prior to the release of this video, many players speculated that the Island of Memories was all about bringing back episodes of LINE/Kakao Cookie Run and therefore associating the upcoming Legendary Cookies with it. However, this has proven not to be true once again. It is yet to know if previous episodes from LINE/Kakao Cookie Run will come to Cookie Run: Ovenbreak.

When this feature will come to Ovenbreak is yet to be known.


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