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May the Gifts of the Spring Update Ever Be in Your Favor

A Cinnamon
By Cinnamon Cookie

All pictures provided are from the Cookie Run Updates Twitter account.

On March 21, 2017, Devsisters released the anticipated Spring Update announced a few days ago. The update came not only with the much-awaited Island of Memories, but also two new Legendary Cookies, the first new Cookies ever released since the Winter Update of early December. The update also came with minor upgrades, such as the increase of the number of runs for Rares and Epics as well as a bug fix for Rocket Firecracker.

Since yesterday was the first day of spring, what could be a better time to release a huge update?

Island of Memories


The biggest new feature of all: the supposedly-said Island of Memories. Besides providing players with a new running experience, the Island of Memories also gives an in-depth look into the flashbacks of Hero Cookie and what caused him to become what he is today. In other words, how was Hero Cookie’s character developed? Players are only given twenty days to explore his story though.

Players must be at Land 3 in order to unlock the Island of Memories. Upon first entering the Island of Memories, Moonlight Cookie, one of the new Cookies, introduces players to the Island. According to her, they are given a set of missions. For every mission players complete, they can get a glimpse of Hero Cookie’s memories.

The Island of Memories can be compared to a very short Tower of Frozen Waves: players are required to complete missions and receive rewards, with the Boss stage usually giving the biggest rewards. While Tower of Frozen Waves has 300 missions to complete, 3 missions for each 100 floors, Island of Memories only contain 30 missions, with some Boss missions in between. Each mission contains a unique map layout except for the last five missions, which repeat map layouts from older missions. As players advance in each mission, the missions get more challenging and tedious, but with even better rewards.

Costume Feature

Time for the Cookies to show off their style since the Halloween Party! The first Cookie to have their own costume is Hero Cookie.

Introducing Hero Cookie’s first suit: S1CV, the suit that came before his current suit, S2CC. There are two options to get it: players either complete the Invitation Event or buy the suit for US$3.20 (₩3585). Deciding whether to buy or to complete the event is actually very easy: if you are on a budget or decide not to spend any money on the game, you can always opt for the Invitation Event. However, you can also consider buying the suit if you really want to help Devsisters grow, considering paperback books (~$10.99) are more expensive than the suit itself.

The special-edition suit is only available until April 9, 2017, so get it while it’s hot! Meanwhile, it is rumored that Cherry Cookie and Gumball Cookie will get costumes as well, but surely more costumes for other Cookies will come as well.

Invitation Event

This event comes in two kinds depending on whether the player is an existing player or a new/inactive player. For existing players, they are ineligible to join the Invitation Event, but their ID can be entered by other players. Once their ID is entered and the new/inactive player completes one mission of the Island of Memories, the new/inactive player will get 2500 Crystals and the existing player will have one player complete for Hero Cookie’s costume. Two new/inactive players must type in a player’s ID in order for that player to obtain Hero Cookie’s costume for free.

A new player is defined as a player who started an account during the event period. An inactive player is defined as a player who has not played the game for more than 20 days.

More Runs for Cookies

Now both Rares and Epics each get 10 runs! However, Cheesecake Cookie and Mint Choco Cookie are excluded as usual.

New Legendary Cookies

c7auji1vsaao98wThe update also brought two new Cookies in a brand-new rank: Legendary. These Cookies were the first to arrive since the Winter Update back in November 30, 2016. Moonlight Cookie unlocks at Land 4 and Wind Archer Cookie unlocks only during Champions League.

Like Rares and Epics, Legendries have 10 number of runs before they get tired, and their maximum level is Level 5.

Each Cookie has some minor adjustments made from the LINE/Kakao Cookie Run counterpart to balance out the scoring system. For example, Moonlight Cookie has four stars revolving around her in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak but LINE/Kakao Cookie Run does not have this feature. Another example is Wind Archer Cookie shooting a different version of the Wind Spirit Jellies. In the LINE/Kakao version, he generates Feather Jellies.

New Legendary Chest

Alongside the usual Chocolate Chest, Strawberry Cream Chest, Frozen Diamond Chest, and the Tiramisu Chest, a new Legendary Chest appears. To open this Chest, you need 5000 Legendary points, which can be earned by buying the other Chests (except for Tiramisu Chest).

The number of points earned is equivalent to the amount of Crystals required to buy a certain Chest. For example, if a Frozen Diamond Chest at Level 31 costs 3180 Crystals, then the number of Legendary points earned from buying the Chest is also 3180 points.

Bug Fix

Knight Cookie now flies at the same speed as the other Cookies when flying with Rocket Firecracker. No more bias.


So many updates, so little time. This update brought more variety to the game, in not just new features, but also new perspectives into the personalities of Cookies. I liked the new mini-game feature of the Island of Memories; the defense-like strategies involved to complete missions brought some excitement for players wanting to take a break from the usual running-game formula.

The background music was also exciting; it had a detective-like tone that reminded me of pop songs from the 80’s and 90’s. I recommend everyone to turn on their BGM in the settings and listen to the Island of Memories BGM just once, and I’m sure they will drill the catchy notes into your mind.

The Legendary Cookies is one of the best new features of the update. The new class succeeded in keeping the Epic quota intact. ‘Nuff said.

However, there were some things I did not like. For example, more pay-to-win schemes were used to make players get the Legendary Cookies guaranteed. Now anyone who loves to invest their money into games will find it easy. However, for players who would rather not pay any money on games, it is hard for them to level up their Legendary Cookies. Although I do not recommend lowering the amount of Legendary points needed, I do recommend expanding the source of Legendary points, such as Cookie Chests and Pet Chests.

The bug fix killed a really popular combi that helped players who did not have the required Epics yet for a really high score. However, there are always other options. Try exploring combis and see which one works.

The costume feature is also a great addition to the game. New skins adds more variety to the game, and although players must pay with real money for the costumes, looking good might be worth it. If there are other options to getting it for free, that is an additional bonus.

All in all, the update made me buy more chests from the shop and allowed me to do other things besides competing. As long as it is helping Devsisters gain more revenue, I think it is okay.

Side Note

Although Legendary Cookies do take some time to level up, they can be found in other Chests. So far, there are records of getting a Legendary Cookie from Frozen Diamond Chests, Strawberry Cream Chests, Gold Chests, Cookie Chests, and even Free Chests. All they need is a little bit of luck.


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