Letters to Devsisters

The One Reason Why LINE/Kakao Cookie Run Should Get an Update

It’s been seven months since Kakao Cookie Run got a new Cookie (the last time a new Cookie was released was in September 2016), and four months since LINE Cookie Run received a new Cookie. The only thing that is keeping both games upfloat is regular three-week extreme challenges or five-week “Collect Items for Squirrel Shop” events. Judging by this information, it is unlikely they will get a new Cookie soon.

However, we are not worried about what type of Cookie will come soon to LINE/Kakao Cookie Run. Rather, we are worried about the fate of LINE/Kakao Cookie Run if the current cycle of events continues without any excitement. What if these boring events continue to tire out most of the veteran players? Some have already been affected by this effect: for example, me.

We don’t want new Cookies. We don’t want new episodes. We want only one thing.


That’s right; the entire leader board is infected with the overused combi of Macaron + Pancake + Castanets. (If it’s not that combi, it’s usually coin farming combis, Mystery Box farming combis, or the other popular combi, Onion + Pancake.) Where do the other Cookies get to compete in that same level as that dominant combi? How will they get a score as close to the influential 100M? Surely almost no Cookie will have a chance to get that high.

Take into consideration new players who have joined LINE/Kakao Cookie Run only a few months ago. They need some time to get used to the game as well as unlock new Cookies as they level up or complete certain goals. Unless they want to go the faster way, they will stay in the last few places of their leader board. Furthermore, not only do they need those Cookies and Pet but also need some luck on getting the right Treasures. Currently, the [Blessed] Very Wet Drink is the norm of the entire game. Where do the other Treasures get a place? Even the weaker counterparts will do no good in hitting the desired 100M.

Macaron Cookie can only be unlocked if the player has her Pet, Castanets, which can be obtained through pure luck. On the other hand, Pancake Cookie can only be unlocked if the player has Roll Cake Cookie—his wily older brother—which further requires his Pet, Light Bros, to unlock him. Unless players decide to spend their money on those two powerful Cookies and their powerful Pet, they will take a long time to acquire. Meanwhile, there’s other Cookies that players might have unlocked, but they serve no place in bringing the scoring system to justice.

Due to this, some Cookies who were once loved by the fandom for their amazing scoring skills are now discarded, waiting for a light to shine through. Sure, they are still loved, but not as much as it used to be before. Where was the potential they once had? The other Cookies need that shining light, especially for the underappreciated Cookies.

So I leave you with this… provide us a balance update to end this segregation and bring the multifarious population of 70 to equality and justice. In other words, nerf Macaron, Pancake, and Castanets slightly, and buff the Cookies that need to shine a light upon.

Thank you and I hope you have a great day.


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