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Here Are the Winning Entries for the Spring Contest

A Cinnamon
By Cinnamon Cookie

Remember end of March’s Spring Contest in which you have to create a creative comment for a chance to win 3,000 Crystals? Today, April 5, 2017, the winners have been announced! In other words, the people responsible for the 20 most creative comments get to shine out of all the other participants. These winners will have to notify Devsisters through a private message to get the coupon code for the Crystals by April 14.

According to this Facebook post, these are the winners:

Li Weida
Pablo Garduño
Amber Richards
Elaine Tan
Chun Kiat
Niño Carlo R Delacruz
Zack Silvia
Astria Vamprose
Raul Salomon
Jamal McIntyre
Diana Morales
Enrike Fenix Felino Cosmico
Carlos Gutiérrez Moreno
Nesto Nino
Leon Hwang
Muhammad Iqbal Khafidz
Su Mob
Vibri Bun
Victoria Yuen

And their winning entries:

Step lively, everyone!
Parade your joy for all to see.
Return the glow of nature,
In plants and in people.
No more staying in,
Get up and have fun.

—  Li Weida

Slide and Jump like never before
Power up with candies and more
Run fast and furious to fairy’s world
In their all mighty season
Never hold back your power
Granting cookie run freedom from the starving witch

—  Pablo Garduño

Sun shines in orb form and helps
Plants appear all around
Rain will even appear too!
I can run pretty far
Nothing is more true
Growth is what I love to do!

—  Amber Richards

Smile at all you see,
People enjoying nature.
Rain brings back the life,
Idling all through the cold.
Not a frown in sight,
Greeted only by cheers.

—  Elaine Tan

S: Strawberry Cookie, wears her hoodie to hide her identity as,
P: Princess Cookie, to secretly meet her lover,
R: Rockstar Cookie, at their usual hideout,
I: Ice Cream Mountain, however, legend says that
N: Ninja Cookie, trained deep within the mountains and a battle with
G: Gumball Cookie, is bound to occur when he attempts turn the white mountain into his colorful playground.

—  Chun Kiat

S:top the witch evil doings
P:rotect the plants
R:un in this oven, some are
N:ot going to be easy, so I will cheer you..
G:O! GO! Brave Cookies

—  Niño Carlo R Delacruz

Started from a far-off time in LINE Cookie Run
Prepared and braced myself for Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Running to become the very best
In it for victory in the Cookie Kingdom
Not there yet, not giving up
Giving it my ALL.

—  Zack Silvia

Scent of perfume around your neck
Passing in the wind
Return to the memories about us
In a place that flowers bloom
Nuance of love that attract 2 hearts
Gain a sweet thing for our future

—  Astria Vamprose

Sweet Adventures to come!
Powerful enemies to defeat!
Run Cookies! Run free!
Invencible Is your heart!
No fears No tears
Gallantly your power within

—  Raul Salomon

Spring has arrived
People are cheerful
Reeling in the good weather
Intoxicating scent of flowers
Now ready to bloom
Growing to the heavens.

—  Jamal McIntyre

Skating Queen Cookie is ready ❄
Princess Cookie Too
Ready too enjoy the spring 🌸
I am ready too with Cookie Run Ovenbreak
Now all the cookies are joining
Go play with all of them!

—  Diana Morales

Siempre que juego Cookie Run
Pienso bien con quien voy a correr
Recorriendo maravillosas islas en su compañia
Imagino que yo corro con ellas
No me canso de correr a su lado
Gran juego que me divierte!!!

Always playing Cookie Run
I think well with who I’m going to run with
Walking in wonderful islands in your company
I imagine that I run with them
I don’t get tired of running to your side
Great game that amuses me!!!

—  Enrike Fenix Felino Cosmico

Starting from land 1!
Prepare to reach legendary arena!
Rapidly climb trough the ladder
In this incredibly fun game!!
Nothing can stop u right now
Go and win trophys and more!!

—  Carlos Gutiérrez Moreno

Slide to avoid obstacles!
Play Cookie run!
Run and run till you lose your energy
I ain’t give up because
New adventure awaits me!
Get ready for it~

—  장도현

S : super fun is cookierun
P : play the game
R : run for the cookies
I : Incredible app to play with
N : Nothing like cookie run
G : Go download this and feel the happiness !!!

—  Nesto Nino

S stands for Snow sugar cookie! 🍧
P stands for Popcorn cookie!🍿
R stands for Rockstar cookie!🎸
I will get them all!!!
N stands for Ninetales cookie🦊
G stands for Gumball cookie🍬

—  Leon Hwang

S: till running with hero cookie
P: erfect score is easy to get
R: emember his power
I : can destroy the obstacles
N: o escape no life
G: o hero cookie!!

—  Muhammad Iqbal Khafidz

ⓢnow Sugar riding on Great Snow King
ⓟopcorn the cinema freak
ⓡunning tirelessly on endless stamina days
ⓘ play cookie run 7 days a week
ⓝever failing to miss logging in
ⓖame, please let me have a winning streak 😂😂

—  Su Mob

Some cookies find fun in mischief!
Pass through cranky obstacles and grab some sneaky jellies!
Relays add fun and excitement to running!
In and out of holes you can go with the rocket firecracker! (And rescue tickets.)
Never-ending fun and competition! Now…
Go and play Cookie Run: Ovenbreak! (not sponsored)

—  Vibri Bun

Slide and Jump like never before
Power up with candies and more
Run fast and furious to fairy’s world
In their all mighty season
Never hold back your power
Granting cookie run freedom from the starving witch

—  Victoria Yuen

Aaaand… here was my entry:

Please let the world know
Random acts of kindness exist
In this imperfect world
Now spring is the time to
Give out this concern

—  Cinnamon Cookie (Anonymous)

Congratulations everyone! You can view the original comments and everyone else’s comments in this post.

Meanwhile, the code for 300 Crystals is announced as well! The code is shown in the featured image above, but if you can’t see it, it’s SPRINGISHERE2017. The coupon expires on April 30, 2017, so hurry while you can!


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