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A New Epic Cookie Is Announced!

A Cinnamon
By Cinnamon Cookie

A few days ago, I wanted to make an article about 15 Cookies that should be released in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, with another contributor. Somehow, it never came to be, or maybe I was just lazy. Speaking of new Cookies, when I first heard the news about an upcoming new Cookie, I squealed out of joy. It sounded ironic, because although it was one of my favorite Cookies, it was an unlikely candidate for Cookie Run: Ovenbreak due to its overpowered skill. That new Cookie was Peppermint Cookie.

On April 6, 2017, Devsisters announced this Cookie, an Epic Cookie, to be released soon. But new Cookies excite us the most, don’t they? Presenting, Peppermint Cookie!


For those who have never played LINE/Kakao Cookie Run before, Peppermint Cookie was rather an old Cookie: it was released back in August 2015 in Kakao and October 2015 in LINE. It was a really overpowered Cookie: when used properly, the Cookie could reach up to 300 million, breaking all high score records. It also brought the release of Tower of Frozen Waves, a special episode similar to the Island of Memories, but it’s rather out of the subject.

The Cookie will ride on its whale for a set period, while what looks like Water Drop Jellies fall out of the sky. The dolphins accompanying Peppermint Cookie will have to collect those Jellies as much as possible. To do so, the Jump and Slide buttons will be replaced with “Call the Dolphins” buttons. Meanwhile, its Pet, Paper Boat Sailor, will generate a group of Sea Foam Jellies for a set interval, with an Energy Potion within one of them. Both are considered S-grade in the original games.

According to the Korean Cookie Run Twitter account, this is only of the many features that will come soon to Ovenbreak. When it will come and what are the other features are yet to be announced.


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