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You’ve Heard of New Cookie, Now Get Ready For…

A Cinnamon
By Cinnamon Cookie


That’s right! A costume shop! (Although you must have seen it prior to reading this article. Whoops.)

As a follow-up to the announcement regarding a new Epic Cookie, Devsisters has also announced on their Facebook pageĀ a brand-new feature: the costume shop. Besides the previous costumes, such as Hero Cookie’s First Suit, Cherry Cookie and Gumball Cookie’s beach outfits, and the Halloween costumes, there will be much more other costumes to buy and choose from. Already Snow Sugar, Fairy, and Yoga Cookie have been confirmed to get new costumes. It is not sure whether we will buy them with Coins, Crystals, or cash.

Interestingly, the Korean Twitter account refers to it as a “Skin Shop” rather than a “Costume Shop.” Both names can be interchanged though, based on your preference.

More features might yet to come soon. Stay tuned!


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