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No Tape? No Cats? No Bacon? Use Cookies!

A Cinnamon
By Cinnamon Cookie

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No I’m just kidding. Don’t use Cookies. ­čśÉ

On April 13, 2017, Devsisters released a brand-new game called “Tape It Up!”.

The game is not as big as Cookie Run; Tape It Up! is made by several people as a small project based on suggestions and ideas by Devsisters’ employees. The game itself is also only made by 5-10 employees, so don’t expect it to be as successful as Cookie Run.

In this game, you play as a moving red box tape called Red as it tries to tape all the boxes within a moving converter belt platform. Unlike the usual Cookie Run, which is a horizontal side-scrolling game, Tape It Up! is a vertical side-scrolling game. The only controls is swiping left and right to move the character and tap to try to get a perfect combo. The game will continue so long as the character does not fall off the box.

There are 45 characters in total, including Red, with some characters having requirements to unlock them. The other characters can either be bought for US$0.99 (with the exception of Golden Tape, which costs US$2.99) or unlocked after earning 1000 Coins.

As you move up to higher levels, you will encounter new mechanics, such as a hard mode. Although it is hard, it is not permanent; you can leave hard mode at any time.

The game may seem boring at first, but once you obtain more characters and appreciate the unique 2D pixel graphics and catchy background music, you’ll realize how fun the game will be.

Alongside the game, there are also 14 iMessage stickers featuring some of the many characters.

So far, the app has been released in many countries in the Apple App Store. Soon, an Android release will be released.

Download the game now!


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