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Cheer for the Costumes and the Peppermint!

A Cinnamon
By Cinnamon Cookie

All pictures provided are from the Cookie Run Updates Twitter account, with the exception of the featured image.

On April 10, 2017, Devsisters released the April Update, one of the many monthly updates released in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak. The main features added in this update include Cheerleader Cookie’s Island of Memories, the new Peppermint Cookie, and the Costume Shop. Other features include the Medal Exchange Center, the redesigned Land 7 and new Angel Season for Champions League, the new Invitation Event, and change in the rescue ticket price.

Cheerleader Cookie’s Island of Memories


A new addition to the Island of Memories has been added, shortly after the previous Memories have expired. (You can still play part of the mission in the Memory Vault if you have obtained so.) This time, it centers on Cheerleader Cookie’s memories and how she became a cheerleader. Like the previous Memories, you are given only 20 days to complete all 35 missions.

Unlike the previous Island of Memories though, the boss battle is not an action game, but rather a rhythm game to compete against Cheerleader Cookie’s rival. To play this game, tap on the correct buttons accordingly with the rhythm as the beats pass through the little circle at the top. As you progress through missions, the boss battles become harder and harder with faster beats and overlapping beats. Even some players, mainly young players and players who have not experienced rhythm games, have complained of the sudden jump in difficulty from mission 18 to mission 24 and the last five missions. However, some experienced players have mentioned that the boss battles are not difficult at all.

Just a quick reminder: you must be in Land 3 to play the Island of Memories.

Costume Shop


You thought you have to buy with Crystals to get the costumes? Wrong! Devsisters may not be as generous as you think. Okay, they might have been generous, since they gave a free costume called “Brave Cookie’s New Frosting” to everyone as a result of the grand opening of the Costume Shop. Log in to the game before April 30 to get it though.

These costumes can only be bought with Rainbow Cubes, which can only be obtained by buying the 1+1+1 exclusive detail, which can only be bought with real money. For players who wish not to pay on in-app purchases, including myself, this is a big disadvantage for them. For players who love to pay though, this is going to be a huge advantage.

Currently there are three costumes available for purchase (four if you count Cheerleader Cookie’s School Attire, which can be obtained for free though). Each costume will have an extra effect on the Cookies, mainly extra points for the Jellies these Cookies can only produce.

You might be wondering: are they necessary for me to succeed in the game? Is it really worth it? If you’re looking to customize your Cookie and make a wardrobe out of all your costume collection—in other words, for cosmetic reasons—then it’s really worth it. It might even be worth it for boosting your score by just a bit. However, it is not really necessary, since it is possible to get a decent high score even without the costumes.

Peppermint Cookie and Paper Boat Sailor

Finally! A Cookie too cute for this world has been released to Cookie Run: Ovenbreak! Featuring the new Epic Cookie, Peppermint Cookie, and its Pet, Paper Boat Sailor, these adorable pair can only be seen in chests once you reach Land 3. Seeing that Faraway Ocean is associated with water and Peppermint Cookie is associated with the ocean, this seems like a fair choice.

Peppermint Cookie will call its whale using the conch, and while riding on it, dolphins can be summoned to eat Jellies by pressing the Jump and Slide buttons. Every Jelly the Dolphins collect gives extra Points. Unlike the LINE/Kakao version, Peppermint Cookie does NOT create Dolphin Bubble Jellies. This is probably done to balance out Peppermint Cookie.

Paper Boat Sailor, on the other hand, works just like in the LINE/Kakao version. However, it does not create an Energy potion within its Sea Foam Jellies. Again, balancing reasons.

Medal Exchange Center


If you are an LINE/Kakao Cookie Run user, or have been one, you may have heard of a Medal Exchange Center before. However, unlike exchanging medals for Ingredients or Mystery Jewels, you exchange Cookie, Pet, or Treasure Items instead. However, since it’s Champion Medals, this is only limited to players who have joined Champions League and had their excess Trophies converted to Medals. Formerly called Champion Trophies, these were originally of no use.

After buying one item from the Exchange Center, the amount of Champion Medals increases. The type of Cookie, Pet, or Treasure are changed every 24 hours, while the two Legendary Cookies are changed every Champions League season. At the time of writing, the current season has not ended, and we do not know what will change afterwards.

Map Layout Changes and Angel Season

With the new update, Brave Season is now retired, but then Angel Season comes along! You think because of Angel Cookie’s kindness, the layout will be easier? Think again; it is actually harder than before! Play for yourself or look up videos on YouTube in regards to the new layout in Land 7 and Champions League. Even the Mystic Jewels’ location in the latter have been randomized.

About the Champions League, besides changing the design of the statuettes, the redesigned Champions League has made it even harder to get the score you used to get before. (Strangely enough, Arena 4 is easier than Land 7.) The percentage now contains decimals, and the score range for the rewards is also stricter in terms of ranking. Due to the new Exchange Center, the rewards has also been changed from Crystals to Champion Medals.

‘Nuff said.

Invitation Event


Once again we have a new Invitation Event! This time, however, you need three new/inactive friends to enter your ID and complete one mission of the Island of Memories to get the costume. For details on how to complete the Invitation Event, see this previous post.

New Magic Candies for Yoga Cookie and Cheerleader Cookie

Oh, did I forget to mention that earlier? Yoga Cookie and Cheerleader Cookie now have their own Magic Candies! Yoga Cookie’s enchanted skill includes following a path that will make her go faster and earn more points for Jellies! As you level up her Magic Candy, she will earn more points and the path will become more complex.

For Cheerleader Cookie, for every Magic Candy level, she will earn more points for jumps.

Change in Rescue Price

The price for rescuing a Cookie from a hole now costs 20 Crystals, which is 60% off from the original 50 Crystals. However, for those who have a bulk of Rescue Tickets in their storage, this is not really that important.


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