Recap: 9-22 April 2017

Top News

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak News

  • April 14: 5 Pet Nest Keys are given for celebrating Easter as a surprise gift.
  • April 20: Trophy Races are now shorter for one week due to a new event.
  • April 21: Cheer Battles are now easier.

LINE/Kakao Cookie Run News

  • The “Carafe of Happiness” Treasure is given as a surprise gift, a Treasure that was already obtained as a reward from an event one year ago.

Other News

  • To Tape It Up! users: there is a new update available. Update it now!
  • Due to my busy schedule (and an AP exam coming up), I will not be active in this blog for a week and a few days. This means that no new articles will pop up until I come back. When will I come back? Earliest is May 2!

In the Stocks

  • Week 1: Stocks opened up at ₩14,700 and ended at ₩14,300, resulting in a loss of ₩400 (-2.70%). There was an overall net loss on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, and an overall net gain on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Week 2: What had happened this week?! Stocks open up at ₩14,300 and end at a whopping ₩17,000, resulting in a tremendous gain of ₩2600 (18.06%). There was an overall net gain continuously, with the exception of Thursday. The day with the largest new gain was on Wednesday, with ₩1050 (6.98%). Was the success of Tape It Up! due to this?

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