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Account of Top Ranker Hacked, Fans Depressed

Yesterday, May 2, 2017, a forum user by the name of 김맹 (Gim-maeng) reported that an account of a top scorer has been hacked and erased. The erasure was not a mere accident, it was deliberately wiped out.

Bongjun, better known by his CROB username 와꾸대장봉준 (wa-kku-dae-jang-bong-jun), reported to Devsisters about this incident. Unfortunately, the account could not be restored, Devsisters Customer Support replied. They mentioned that according to their Privacy Policy, once an account has been erased, it cannot be restored.

Many fans—and rivals alike—were hurt by this incident. Not only is he the owner of a popular Cookie Run YouTube channel, but also has provided numerous tips and tricks for players to follow, making him one of the most influential players of Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, despite his deeply-sought ranking.

Whether Devsisters will take action of this incident and try to resolve the issue is yet to be determined. This blog post was only made to spread the word about this incident.

Bongjun’s YouTube channel can be accessed here. As of writing, he has currently 1,172 subscribers. Three weeks ago, he has ranked #1 on the Champions League.

Read the full story in the forum here.


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