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New Surprise Package and New Costumes

A Cinnamon
By Cinnamon Cookie

On May 14, 2017, Devsisters released a new surprise package with a new hidden coupon code when you buy all three packages. The coupon code is “ROSEPRINCESSSEEU” for an amount of 100 Crystals. Why did Devsisters make it that way? Many speculations arose as players try to guess what was the reason behind this code.

Four days later, they got the answer: new costumes.


Princess Cookie and Knight Cookie each got a rose-themed costume that was based on the coupon code. Each costume costs 320 Rainbow Cubes, which was slightly more expensive then some other costumes, such as Pancake Cookie’s costume. It was unsure why rose-themed costumes were released in the middle of May… to us, it would be a perfect costume for Valentine’s Day.

Although both costumes were received positively, players considered Knight Cookie’s costume more, since he had a use to the game. On the other hand, players did not opt to buy Princess Cookie’s costume that much, due to how she is not much of a useful Cookie in the game.

The sprite sheets for each costume are now available for view on the Cookie Run: Ovenbreak Wiki.


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