Recap: 1-19 May 2017

Top News

  • Another major update is released in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak. Highlights include all-new Cookies, new costumes, and new Magic Candy effects.
  • The Android version of “Tape It Up!” is out! Download the game to get 100 free Crystals!
  • A Fan Art Contest is currently being held from today until May 30, 2017. There are even Rainbow Cubes as rewards! Please make sure to read the rules before entering!
  • Devsisters is currently ranked 4th in Asia as one of the “Best Workplaces in Asia” in the “Small and Medium Companies” category by GPTW (Great Place To Work).

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak News

  • May 10: Shorter Trophy Races now last forever! This means that the Gold Chest limit is also permanent!
  • May 14: A new surprise package is released. It also comes with a new coupon code…
  • May 18: New costumes are released.

LINE/Kakao Cookie Run News

None that are interesting at the moment. All there are is recycled events.

Other News

  • Starting from June 3, I will not be active, as I have decided to travel to a country where WiFi is not so prominent. Therefore, I am currently trying to reach out to someone who could temporarily fill my position until I come back on July 3.

In the Stocks

  • Week 1: Due to the heavy amount of holidays this week, only two days are available as stock days. Stocks opened up from ₩16,850 last week and ended at ₩16,550, resulting in a loss of ₩150 (-0.90%). There was an overall net loss on Tuesday and an overall net gain on Thursday.
  • Week 2: Stocks open up at ₩16,750 and end at ₩16,500, resulting in a loss of ₩250 (-1.51%). There was an overall net gain on Monday and Wednesday, a net loss on Friday, and no change on Thursday. (Tuesday was the presidential election, and so no stocks happened at that time.)
  • Week 3: Stocks open up at ₩16,200 and end at ₩15,100, resulting in a loss of ₩1100 (-6.79%). There was an overall net loss, with the exception of Thursday. The biggest loss happened on Tuesday, with a net loss of ₩800 (-5.00%).

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