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The New Update You Have All Been Waiting For

A Cinnamon
By Cinnamon Cookie

All pictures provided are from the Cookie Run Updates Twitter account, with the exception of the featured image.

All new Cookies, all new Island of Memories, all new costumes! Looks like your dreams have come true! On May 1, 2017, Devsisters released an update that brought in these main features. Not just new Cookies, but brand-new Cookies that have never made an appearance in LINE/Kakao Cookie Run for the first time in nine months.

Dr. Wasabi Cookie and Mustard Cookie

For nine months, I was worried that Devsisters had lost their creativity in making new playable characters because no new Cookies would pop up in LINE/Kakao Cookie Run every month. Although there was a new Cookie in Cheerleader Cookie’s Island of Memories, she was unplayable. However, this update brought new Cookies that brought the entire Cookie Run fandom joy.

Dr. Wasabi Cookie creates Wasabi Jellies and destroys obstacles by launching Wasabi Syrup from her “syringe,” while Mustard Cookie sprays graffiti after collecting a certain number of Spray Jellies, thus earning points. Meanwhile, Octo Wasabi goes into giant mode, destroys obstacles, and creates Gooey Jellies, while Hot Doggie creates Hot Dog Jellies. Both Cookies and Pets are Epic. Dr. Wasabi Cookie and her Pet can be unlocked at Land 3, while Mustard Cookie and her Pet can be unlocked at Land 4.

Along with the new Cookies itself, they also get their own Island of Memories! This time, the boss level is calming Octo Wasabi, who has turned giant as a result of Dr. Wasabi Cookie’s Wasabi Syrup. This also reveals that Mustard Cookie and Dr. Wasabi Cookie are related: she is the granddaughter to her grandmother. There are 30 missions to complete within a span of 30 days, instead of 20.

Fans have said that this Island of Memories is easier than the last two, and some have finished it too early that they have uncovered a bug, which allows players to replay Mission 30 over and over while getting the rewards. This resulted in players getting a huge amount of Crystals. As a result, after the bug was fixed, anyone who took advantage of their bug had their Crystals revoked, with some players even going into a huge debt!

TIP: Always remember to charge your cannon! Hold down the “Slide” button (replaced by cannon) to charge it.

New Magic Candies

Magic Candies are now available for the two aforementioned Cookies as well as Rockstar Cookie!

  • Dr. Wasabi Cookie’s Magic Candy power is named “Super Wasabi Syrup,” and she creates Pink Wasabi Jellies, which gain more points when leveled up, while shooting her Wasabi Syrup.
  • Mustard Cookie’s Magic Candy power is named “Graffiti Pro,” and she creates Rabbit Graffiti that appears alongside her usual graffiti. The more you level her power up, the more points the Rabbit Graffiti will earn.
  • Rockstar Cookie’s Magic Candy power is named “Flaming Guitar Solo,” and he plays his eponymous song after creating a certain number of Music Jellies. During this time, he will create more Music Jellies than usual. The more you level his power up, the more points the Music Jellies will earn.

As usual, each Cookie has their own special ingredient for creating their Magic Candy.

New Costumes

With every update comes new costumes, right? This time, Pistachio Cookie, Rockstar Cookie, and Pistachio Cookie get their own! Pancake Cookie’s costume can be obtained for free if you do the Invitation Event, which requires only two people this time. For instructions on how to complete the Invitation Event, see this post.

New Package Deals

From just one glance at these Package Deals, you will immediately be drawn to them. Look at all these amounts of Crystals, Cookies, Pets, Coins, Rainbow Cubes, and even Ingredients! However, they come at a hefty price: each package costs $49.99. Meanwhile, the Surprise Package (now replaced with a different package at the time of writing) is a better choice if you are on a budget.


No, Devsisters is not releasing an apology. It’s just us apologizing for the huge delay in this article. We have been caught up with lots of work lately, and there was not enough time to start on this article. Even our finals are coming; we also apologize if our article seemed rushed.


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