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Devsisters to Release New Licensed Products

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Ever since the announcement on February 22, 2017, new merchandise has popped up from various companies jointly collaborating with Devsisters to make them. Not only merchandise, or “licensed products,” in the form of customization, but also merchandise in the form of food. Yum.

As pictured above, the Cookie Run Cream Cake series is one of them. Produced by Devsisters in collaboration with Hyundai Green Food’s bakery band Vezzly, the two cakes feature Strawberry Cookie and GingerBrave. Strawberry Cookie’s cake is titled “Strawberry Cookie’s Strawberry Cream Cake,” while GingerBrave’s cake is “GingerBrave’s Choco Cream Cake.” Both cakes can be found at 11 locations in the Hyundai Department Store in Korea.

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Some of you may be wondering about these items that pop up in Korean Twitter accounts, and recently in the official Korean Cookie Run social media accounts. Some of you might have compared it to the Western counterpart of KinderJoy products. Haitai Confectionary has presented a new line of products called “Cookie Run Chocolate ‘Secret Friends’,” in which five different figures are hidden in the product along with mini toys. These Cookies include GingerBrave, GingerBright, Skater Cookie, Hero Cookie, and Ninja Cookie. “Cookie Run Chocolate ‘Secret Friends'” can be bought in convenience stores and supermarkets around Korea.

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Even though we previously discussed about this here, let us bring it up again. The “Cookie Run Paper Toy Book,” published by Daewon Books, features Cookies from not just Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, but also Cookies from LINE/Kakao Cookie Run. There is not only building your own Cookie out of the templates provided, but also stickers to decorate them. The Cookie Run Paper Toy Book is available at bookstores in Korea and online in the link provided above. Cookie Run Updates Twitter account has also shared some of the contents of the book.

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Let us also not forget the adorable phone cases produced by that we previously discussed earlier. The starter company created 20 kinds of tough cases, some of which is pictured, 10 kinds of Jelly cases, and 10 kinds of mirror cases. The company also provides some phone wallpapers in their website. So far, it is only available online domestically, but will soon appear in stores outside of the Internet in Korea.

Devsisters explained that the purpose for these products is to “expand the product line through close collaborations with partners in the form of food and books and stationery.” They said  that they are “expected to grow from these products.”

Meanwhile, Devsisters is holding a lottery even in their Korean Facebook page. The event will last until June 1, and the winners will get a prize.

This article is translated from an article previously posted on (게임인사이트).


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