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Hidden Gems of the Fan Art Contest, Part 2

A Cinnamon
By Cinnamon Cookie

Part 2 of my personal favorites that deserve to stand out from all other artworks.

All artworks belong to their respective owners. Note that all artworks at the time of writing have less than 20 hearts. Not including my heart if I had liked it at this time. Also, if you feel that your artwork should not be featured in this article, feel free to tell me personally why.

Artist: perfectly admiring
# of likes: 9
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72952

Artist: Nadia Iman
# of likes: 9
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72950

Artist: freaky
# of likes: 9
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73317

Artist: Tarita Echidna
# of likes: 9
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73607

Artist: Joey Chan
# of likes: 9
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72887

Artist: orange cookie
# of likes: 9
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72599

Artist: SkitsTheSkitty
# of likes: 9
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72100

Artist: Gingy Aeryl
# of likes: 8
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73676

Artist: Ficficponyfic
# of likes: 8
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73736

Artist: limepuffs
# of likes: 8
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72628

Artist: 선일화
# of likes: 8
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73394

Artist: Honey Queen
# of likes: 8
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73422

Artist: 나물
# of likes: 8
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73328

Artist: wndus01
# of likes: 8
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72944

Artist: riju
# of likes: 7
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73868
Other Artworks: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/74030 (4 likes), https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73896 (3 likes)

Artist: Koucholate
# of likes: 7
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73823

Artist: Glittering Almond
# of likes: 7
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73282

Artist: Clean Cheese
# of likes: 7
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73150

Artist: ccooyaa
# of likes: 7
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73110

Artist: Kariu
# of likes: 7
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72963
Other Artworks: hthttps://forum.cookierun.com/thread/70792 (6 likes)

Artist: 국산팝콘
# of likes: 7
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/71984

Artist: kyuza
# of likes: 6
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73807
Other Artworks: hthttps://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73803 (4 likes)

Artist: 쀼룩
# of likes: 6
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73790

Artist: 혹시라도
# of likes: 6
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73233

Artist: EternalRainbowz
# of likes: 6
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73335
Other Artworks: hthttps://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73208 (4 likes)

Artist: InJyu
# of likes: 6
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73294

Artist: Pinkypop
# of likes: 6
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72782

Artist: 조홍직
# of likes: 6
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72446

Artist: shehero6
# of likes: 6
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72195

Artist: 도요새
# of likes: 5
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73966

Artist: Fluffy Ice Cream
# of likes: 5
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/74042

And I’ll stop here because my Internet is lagging. But please give them a ❤ (as you scroll through page 16 onwards)!


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