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Hidden Gems of the Fan Art Contest

A Cinnamon
By Cinnamon Cookie

There are many artworks in this contest that deserved to be loved. Although some of them have been successful enough to gain many likes, whether legitimately or by some other unfair mean, there are some that are amazing, but are overshadowed by the other artwork. Here are some of my personal favorites that deserve to stand out from all other artworks.

All artworks belong to their respective owners. Note that all artworks at the time of writing have less than 20 hearts. Not including my heart if I had liked it at this time. Also, if you feel that your artwork should not be featured in this article, feel free to tell me personally why.

Artist: TUPU
# of likes: 19
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73949
Other Artworks: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72977 (12 likes)

Artist: vsvs
# of likes: 19
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72835

Artist: Puma Lovedragon
# of likes: 18
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73937

Artist: Reiou
# of likes: 17
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73882

Artist: чмеш
# of likes: 19
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72213

Artist: Amali
# of likes: 18
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72262

Artist: Fizfilet
# of likes: 18
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72494

Artist: sha
# of likes: 18
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73332

Artist: Kotekk
# of likes: 17
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72806

Artist: 杰finch
# of likes: 16
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73494

Artist: Kashuu
# of likes: 15
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73342

Artist: Azurain
# of likes: 14
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73102
Other Artworks: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/71672 (12 likes)

# of likes: 14
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73718

Artist: はちみつ漬け
# of likes: 14
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73303

Artist: Prettyclassybat
# of likes: 9
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73191

Artist: 사과찡
# of likes: 13
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73963
Other Artworks: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73973 (1 like), https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73962 (5 likes)

# of likes: 12
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72388

Artist: Jeara
# of likes: 11
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72645

Artist: mongbang
# of likes: 11
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73697

Artist: 슈가양
# of likes: 11
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73396

Artist: Bokto
# of likes: 11
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72558

Artist: Sokomin
# of likes: 11
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72332

Artist: Foxie
# of likes: 11
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/70958
Other Artworks: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/71075 (6 likes)

Artist: Blue Die
# of likes: 10
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73955

Artist: 星黴
# of likes: 10
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73844

Artist: Sopenarian0513
# of likes: 10
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72488
Other Artworks: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72489 (9 likes)

Artist: Astria
# of likes: 10
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/73664
Other Artworks: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72913 (7 likes)

Artist: StarCrave
# of likes: 10
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72848

Artist: Arctic Dragon
# of likes: 10
Link: https://forum.cookierun.com/thread/72583

That ends for now. There are so much artwork that I love that this even deserves a Part 2!

UPDATE 5/30/17: One artwork was removed as a result of plagiarism.


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