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GingerBrave Day Celebration Update!

All pictures provided are from the Cookie Run Updates Twitter account, with the exception of the featured image.

Happy GingerBrave Day everyone! I am the owner of Cookie Run Updates and I am taking over the Cookie Runner as Cinnamon Cookie is busy this month.

Another new month, another new update for all players! After a whole month of Dr. Wasabi and Mustard Cookies’ memories, Devsisters has finally released an update on June 5, 2017. In addition to renewals and balances of the current features; new magic candies, costumes as well as a new item called Spirit Potion are announced. Let’s dive into the details right away!

Renewal of Island of Memories


Just as many players are speculating the next cookie that will appear in Island of Memories (after Dr. Wasabi and Mustard Cookies), Devsisters come out with a renewal instead. Basically, there are now 55 stages where you can replay and earn up to 3 stars, compared to the 30+ stages previously.

Hero Cookie is back in the Island of Memories for the second time, where players have to defeat Space Candybot after it stole Hero Cookie’s Jellyco Cube. To play the missions, you need Winding Keys which can be obtained for free by watching advertisements, recharging one key per 30 minutes or with crystals. Rewards for obtaining 150 stars include crystals, Spirit Potions, Frozen Diamond Chest and a new Hero Cookie’s Dark Force Suit.

This reminds me of the similarity in Tower of Frozen Waves from LINE/Kakao Cookie Run, where players use keys to play missions and obtain stars for rewards. Oh, all those memories…

New Magic Candies

Time for Herb and Tiger Lily Cookies to gain enchanted powers with Magic Candies!

  • Herb Cookie’s Magic Candy power, “Blossom” creates beautiful Flower Jellies amidst Sprout Jellies, with more Flower Jellies every upgrade.
  • Tiger Lily Cookie’s Magic Candy power, “Swift Spear Throw” allows her to throw enchanted spear and sprint when picking up the spear. When spear is thrown, obstacles are destroyed and she earns destruction points, with higher bonus points when levelled up.

Special ingredients, Sun-kissed Herb Seedling and Sharp Tiger Orange Stone are used to create their Magic Candies with gemstones.

New Costumes

With new Magic Candies for Herb and Tiger Lily Cookies to gain enchanted powers, how about new costumes to boost them as well? Many fans are obsessed with Herb Cookie’s costume on Twitter (who isn’t?), as it is finally time for him to shine.

Other than them, Hero Cookie has another new costume as previously mentioned, which is awarded to those who achieved 150 stars in Island Of Memories.


Did you miss the previous Hero Cookie’s first suit: S1CV? Fret not! You can obtain by inviting new or inactive friends and receive it. For instructions on how to complete Invitation Event, check out this post.

Spirit Potions

Do you believe in Cookie Spirits contained in Potion Jars? Perhaps, it’s the Witch that traps them in jars for her consumption…


Spirit Potions are used to upgrade cookies faster and found in Gold, Chocolate, Strawberry Cream and Frozen Diamond Chests. 1 Spirit Potion can be exchanged for 1 Epic, 7 Rare or 30 Common Cookies.

Renewals and Balances

Other than the aforementioned new features, Devsisters has made renewals and balances to improve the gaming experience and promote a diverse range of cookies to use.

  • Cookie, Pet and Treasure maximum levels are raised, but the number and coins required to reach maximum level is not changed. Common from Level 13 to 25, Rare from Level 10 to 20, Epic from Level 8 to 15, Treasures from Level 6 to 12 and Legendary has no change.

From here, we can see that the maximum levels are increased approximately twice. This means that if you’re a player who tends to upgrade every time you have a chance to, you will have to grind for coins. Now, I have a ton of cookies, pet and treasures to upgrade than I previously had last update.

  • Balance change with Jellies! More points from Basic Jellies, Bear Jellies, Coins, etc.

This will affect the Cheer Squad effect, boosting scores that a player can obtain.

  • Balance change with Cookies! Herb Cookie can now transform Basic and Bear Jellies into Sprout Jellies, where only Basic Jellies are changed previously. Rockstar Cookie, which was the meta last month, has its Music Jellies points decreased by 700.

This is extremely beneficial if you have the Herb Cookie’s new costume that boosts his Sprout Jellies points, which could probably be the next meta! Hello Herb, goodbye Rockstar?


That’s all folks with the recap of the new update! Hopefully, you like this post that I have written! Enjoy the new update, while I rush off to play the new Island of Memories! Goodbye!


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