Recap: 3 June–2 July 2017

All pictures provided are linked to the source of the picture.

Blog News

  • As I have put this first, I am very pleased to announce that I have come back from a one-month trip from Nepal, complete without Internet. (Although there was Internet in some places, I still was too busy to write an article.) The article for the new Summer update will be out shortly.
  • Thank you Herb Cookie for the informative article on the GingerBread Day update. We hope to see more articles from him in the future, provided he is not too busy.
  • This article is just a recap of what has happened over the past month. Of course, if you have been following any update accounts closely, this article is just a reminder to help you know what had been going on.

Top News

Items pictured are italicized.

Clockwise from top left: GingerBread Day rewards, new Pirate Cookie costume, new Moonlight Cookie costume, and a notice about making Cookie Chests and Pet Nests obsolete.

  • (6/5/17) The GingerBread Day update is out!
  • Alongside the new update, the attendance check has changed, but only for five days.
  • (6/12/17) Several changes in the Devsisters game schedule have been changed; the action RPG that had nothing to do with Cookie Run has been postponed from 3Q 2017 to next year.
  • (6/13/17) A new costume for Pirate Cookie, Pirate Cookie’s Pop Up Barrel, is released on a sale for 20 days.
  • (6/19/17) A new Moonlight Cookie costume was leaked a few days prior to her release. After Angel Season 5 ended, it was released for Champions League players only, at a hefty price of 4,000 medals.
  • (6/23/17) The Cookie Run Facebook page announced a so-called GingerBrave Challenge in which you had to post a screenshot of GingerBrave while running for a chance to win 300 Crystals. At the time of writing, the contest has ended.
  • (6/26/17) Cookie Chests and Pet Nests will end service soon. Right now, they have ended.
  • (6/28/17) Mic Mac, forum admin, announced a new feature on the forum: Golden Threads. Such threads feature tips and tricks, strategies, and general info about the game, selected by the admins themselves.

In the Stocks

One sentence: Devsisters has been doing poorly lately, with many points falling down since the beginning of this month.


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