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These New Costumes Are Sure to Interest You


On July 14, 2017, Devsisters released two new costumes that are rather… awkward. This time, the spotlight of these costumes are Muscle Cookie and Werewolf Cookie. Muscle Cookie’s costume is called “Muscle Cookie’s Green Broccoli”, and Werewolf Cookie’s costume is called “Werewolf Cookie’s Lonesome Shiba Inu”. Both costumes provide +100 points for every destroyed obstacle.

For nearly three weeks, these costumes are on sale, with Werewolf Cookie’s costume at 320 Rainbow Cubes from 490 Rainbow Cubes and Muscle Cookie’s costume at 210 Rainbow Cubes from 320 Rainbow Cubes.

Werewolf Cookie also comes with a Surprise Package that can only be bought within one hour of the first login since July 14. If you have bought his costume from the shop as well as the package, the costume will be replaced with 490 Rainbow Cubes.

Reactions to the costumes were mixed. Although everyone unanimously decided that Muscle Cookie’s costume was funny, some thought that it was just a silly costume, while others thought it was amusing. As for Werewolf Cookie, it was slightly more positive, with many players thinking the costume was cute and adorable. However, some though that it was just plain ugly, and that Devsisters had put less effort on the costumes, as opposed to the rose costumes from May.


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