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Just for Fun: Who Is This Mysterious Cookie?

Back in February 2016, when I created The CookieRunner as a school project (and the only physical copy of the magazine available), one of the articles I have written about featured a Cookie that was yet to be released. During that time, Cookies like Cinnamon Cookie were not yet launched into the LINE version of Cookie Run. Moreover, reports of a leaked Cookie circulated throughout many social media websites, with reactions of excitement and heavy anticipation. As a result, it is joked about in one small section at the end of an article here:

Fast forward to a month later after the article was written and we have Herb Cookie, one of the most popular and well-loved Cookies in the Cookie Run fandom. Its popularity is still raging today: with a new update in June this year that brought a costume and Magic Candy, it resulted in being one of the most powerful Cookies at that time.

Yesterday, I shared this with a Discord server I am in. Although the reactions to the “mysterious new Cookie” were not much, they were hilarious: one user called it the “edge lord dark [H]erb [C]ookie Kappa”.

And then the crowning moment of funny arrived. One user decided to go ahead and call it “the Hoo Hoo Man”, a meme in the Cookie Run fandom that was already popular enough to emerge in conversations occasionally. If you do not know what the Hoo Hoo Man is, it is a Photoshopped image of the poster of The Bye Bye Man—a movie already being a meme by itself—but with Herb Cookie as the central focus with the original title replaced with The Hoo Hoo Man. The “hoo hoo” comes from the sound Herb Cookie makes when he slides.


That is all I have to say. Have fun on this wonderful Friday, or if you’re living in the western hemisphere, try to go to sleep.


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