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Who We Are

The CookieRunner is a blog, formerly a monthly newsletter published in the Cookie Run Wiki, and it is run by a young student currently in high school. No, it is not a business. We are not making any profit out of this, despite ads popping up in our blog every now and then.

The CookieRunner will feature not just news about Cookie Run and Devsisters, the mastermind behind the franchise, but also tips and tricks, trivia, fan art, and many more. Although we are only just starting up this blog, it will grow to be the leading Cookie Run blog providing you long articles every two weeks and short snippets at any time we see some announcement.

Comments are always appreciated in our articles. If you have any questions regarding our articles or have a problem with any of them, feel free to contact us through our Contact page.

Somehow, we like to use “we” because we sound better this way.

About the Author

A Cinnamon

Cinnamon Cookie

I’m not really Cinnamon Cookie, but this will be my alias to keep my personal information a secret. But basically I’m young and currently studying in high school.

One thing you should know is that I love to play Cookie Run all day! Currently, I have been kicked off from the chances of getting a Gold Statuette. But I will get it one day! Another thing you should know is that in real life, I am a really smart student, but only on the academic side. On the emotional side, I feel dumb. Speaking of smart, let’s see how I fare in AP English, eh?

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